Adult Content Provider Naughty America Plans To Shoot All Of Its Porn In Ultra High Definition

Life Writer
01.13.14 13 Comments

As nerds continue to make technological advances to accommodate our lives for the better (and worse), the adult entertainment industry continues to be one of the main industries to adopt new technologies. And because of that, Internet adult content has come a long way from the old 56k modem days, where one had to wait 2834973 hours to view a 20-second clip of… who knows! It was too grainy!

Now with the buzz surrounding 4K resolution and ultra high definition video, adult content producers Naughty America have announced that they’ll be shooting all their smut in UHD. That means the picture will be so clear and vivid, you can literally see the sperm cells wiggling their little tails around (insert your favorite pornstar here)’s face. How delightful!

Being that they’ll be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on shooting and storing UHD content, an amount their CEO admits can sink the company should the format not take off, Naughty America is passing the buck to its customers. The smut peddlers say they’ll be charging subscribers an extra $10 to the $24.95 base price of their subscription fee for those looking to get as close to reality as possible.

And with ultra-di-duper-high-definition undoubtedly coming soon, viewers will get even closer to reality when they’ll be able to smell the all badussy and regret from the set right from home.

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