NBA Considers Using Player Nicknames On Jerseys

09.25.13 4 years ago 24 Comments

That tool who bought a “King James” Heat jersey is actually kind of prophetic. Reportedly, the NBA is considering rolling out jerseys with players’ nicknames on the back, starting with an unspecified Miami-Brooklyn game.

Not sure how many people this would rub the wrong way, but f*ck it. Nothing wrong with adding a little more fun to a sport already chock-full of it. And, let’s be honest, basketball just kind of goes hand-in-hand with fun nicknames, or at least better than football.

Let’s just hope that they don’t force the issue. Joel Anthony does not have a nickname as far as I’m concerned, so unless they plan on rolling out a “Space Eater” Heat jersey, trying to make fetch happen would just seem so phony.

Fun fact: if and when I enter the Association (any day now!), they’re going to call me Windex. Because I clean the glass. If you think you have a better nickname for yourself (you don’t), feel free to enlighten us in the comments.

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