12 Notes From The NBA’s Busy (And Efficient) Friday Night

02.09.13 5 years ago 22 Comments

Friday nights normally consist of getting wasted, laughing at the work week that passed, forgetting a thing called “Monday morning” even exists and the occasional hook up with someone whose last name is the least of your concern. For the NBA, however, it was a busy, busy evening.

1. Let the record show, if the Wizards had been healthy since the start of the season, they’re in the playoff hunt out East. The Wiz Kids ruined Andray Blatche’s second homecoming in an 89-74 victory in D.C over Brooklyn. Washington’s a totally different squad with John Wall on the court, who looks to be finally accepting the role as “leader.” Not to toot my own horn – I just like being right because I’m wrong so often – but hark back to this. And go to point #2.

2. Sure, having to rally from down 20 at one point to the Division III Charlotte Bobcats was somewhat embarrassing. But the As The World Turns Lakers won and that’s all that matters behind Kobe Bean’s 18 points (all coming in the second half). The weird part was Bryant and Pau Gasol’s tweets to one another after the game. Assuming never got anybody anywhere, but Dwight Howard could not be reached for comment in regards to his teammates social media activity late Friday night. Has there been a fall from grace both on-and-off the court as bad for a “superstar” in the NBA as its been for Dwight these past two years? Probably not.

3. I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong. At least through the first handful of games, Rudy Gay seems to be adapting quite well in Drake’s hometown. Gay nailed the overtime game winner against the Pacers sealing a 100-98 victory and ending Indy’s 15-game home winning streak in the process. Of note, though, Paul George finished with 26-14-5. I’ll keep drilling this into the ground. That guy is a star in the making. Don’t screw this up, Danny Granger. Also, keep Indy far, far, far, far away from Miami.

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