NBC Using Craigslist To Find People To Make Asses Of Themselves On New Dating/Cooking Show


Wondering what, besides the awful The Office spinoff idea, NBC is cooking up for American TV audiences? Well how’s a cross between Chopped and The Bachelor sound to you?

Yes, this is apparently really happening, as a casting notice seeking “lively, engaging real women and men for a fun new dating show” has been posted to Craigslist.

NBC is casting for a modern-day dating show that brings together everyone’s two favorite things: food and love.

Each episode pits real-life single men in competition with each other in the kitchen as they try to win the affection of our lovely bachelorette. The single guys will field questions while simultaneously cooking the bachelorette’s favorite dish. With the clock ticking down…who can keep their cool, let their personality shine and deliver the dish that will seal the deal? In the end the best plate gets the date!

We are looking for lively, engaging real women and men for a fun new dating show. Contestants should be 27 — 42 (any ethnicity), genuinely single, looking to connect and meet new people, and willing to step into a kitchen. Cooking skills not required but a sense of humor, good conversational/bantering skills, hobbies you are passionate about and a willingness to tell funny personal anecdotes and stories are.

This promises to be sad and, of course, terrible. The only way it could be worse is if it were titled “Cookin’ For Love.”

(HT: Bobby Big Wheel)

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