Nelly Ft. Nicki Minaj – “Get Like Me” Video

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
07.31.13 7 Comments

nicki minaj twerk nelly video

I was compelled to watch Nelly’s “Get Like Me” out of my free will. That’s the only way anyone watches a Nelly video as far as I’m concerned, unless you’re related to him. Then, you’re obligated to look at it out of blood relations.

Anyways, since I watched, here are two trends I see developing.

1. Nicki’s struggle twerk continues. But the new trend must be that when Nicki’s in a video, additional set of big booty Judys have to be included because the ones here stack up well against the ones in Busta’s last video.

2. Using ass cheeks for drums is the new credit card ass swipe.

We’ll keep an eye out to see how long it takes for these two things to become full-blown movements.

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