Neuromancer Maybe Starring Bruce Willis?

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So, after years and years of development hell, supposedly a classic science fiction novel is about to be adapted. At least that’s what the guys holding the rights are trying to make various sources of funding think, which honestly is not that great of a sign for the movie actually getting made.

The main problem is they’re claiming Bruce Willis has signed on, when his agents are insisting he’s only reading the script. Honestly, a lot probably hinges on Willis accepting a role; we’re assuming he’s up for Armitage. If he doesn’t, the movie’s probably going to collapse again, and the producers know it.

On the other hand, if they did even a halfway decent job with the script, Armitage will be an awesome character, so maybe we’ll luck out. More likely instead Willis will take the role in some movie where he plays a wacky hippie cop or something and instead we’ll get stuck with Brett Ratner or McG trying to turn it into “The Terminator, but funny!”

[ via the black clinicians at IndieWire ]

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