Coming Attractions: New Balance 577 ‘Seaside Pack’

04.13.14 3 years ago 2 Comments

All shoes come in packs today. Superhero this, extraterrestrial that or Groundhog Day exclusives. The concept sometimes can be helpful and interesting, when it actually gives insight behind designs and color choices. But, overall it’s overdone and losing effectiveness, unless executed properly. New Balance found a way to make a potent pack here. One that takes a different route using unlikely collaborators who ended up making smart, inspired designs.

“The British seaside was at its peak during the Victorian era as for the first time a holiday was allowed for working class people. A previously elite pastime of going to the seaside was now being encouraged by doctors as a way to live healthier. Today remnants of the Victorian era still exist with piers, brightly coloured candy striped helter-skelters and carousels can be seen across various seaside resorts around the coasts of Britain. On a bright sunny day you can still find people on deck chairs, eating a stick of rock or having ice cream whilst building sandcastles or paddling.

“In homage of such traditions New Balance have presented us with the 577 ‘Seaside Pack’, whilst also celebrating the work of three British seaside craftsmen who keep Britain’s unique traditions alive – Figgi : Artisan Ice Cream Producer, Steve : Beach Hut Manufacturer, and Mark : Sand Sculptor.

“Both the M577GBL (Yellow/Blue) and M577NBS (Orange/Green) feature a unique helter-skelter adorned tongue label showcasing the quintessentially modern view of the seaside, while each of the foot beds mimic the distinctive striped deck chairs. As well as including a mix of soft suede and honeycomb mesh panelling, each pair of shoes includes two coinciding postcards – one for you to keep, and one to send back to Flimby telling us where your 577s ended up on their holiday.[size?]


The two-pair set draws on a specific history. Being fair, the relevancy might not be there for the majority of shoe buyers but at least it’s a unique spin. They managed to tell a story found across the shoes and I have to give them the nod for that.

I’m not certain on US release info but ‘Seaside Pack’ will be available online at size? on Friday 18th April at 8:00am BST.

New Balance 577 Seaside Pack 2

New Balance 577 Seaside Pack 3

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