Welp, Birdman Officially Replaces Mannie Fresh With Wayne and Drake, Promises New Big Tymers Album

05.08.13 4 years ago 30 Comments

News began to emerge yesterday a potential blockbuster reunion between the Big Tymers was in the works. As read by the actual title, that wasn’t exactly the case. Birdman and Weezy confirmed on RapFixLive earlier today a new Big Tymers project was indeed on the way, but Mannie Fresh would not be involved in any fashion whatsoever. Instead, Drake and Wayne would be taking his place.

The immediate reaction on Twitter was a unanimous vote against the trio forming under the name once made famous by a then-Baby and Fresh. Fair enough, but what was funnier than watching the reactors of the reactors react, was the fact anyone was actually surprised. Probably about a year and some change back, G sent me a screenshot of a Birdman interview in some magazine. The question was simple, “Are you still cool with Mannie Fresh?” The answer was even simpler, “F*ck that n*gga.” In other words, expect an OutKast album than a Big Tymers project.

I’m paraphrasing, but that was the gist of what was said. Obviously, Stunna, Wayne and Drizzy are not the Big Tymers many of us came to know, love and appreciate, just as Lil Chuckee or Lil Twist won’t confuse anyone for a 1997 B.G. or Juvenile. That being said, I’ll still give the music a listen whenever and if ever this mythical project comes to fruition because Weezy and Aubrey’s track record together is nothing short of solid despite any outside B.S.

Just for piece of mind, however, I’ll be sure to change “Big Tymers” to “Like Father, Like Son, Like Nephew” in iTunes.

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