New Boyz – “You’re A Jerk” Video

06.05.09 8 years ago 18 Comments

Ho. Lee. Shit.

Horns! Trumpets! Angels! Lutes! This is a gift. Heaven sent.

It’s as though I manifested a video about tightpants. As though I dreamed of all its Day-Glo-and-Vans hideousness, and it was made so. As though I am a soothsayer of how all ugly things conglomerate into one 3 to 4 minute span of video. All kids with ill-fitting clothes, a penchant for ’80s retro, unfunny, slightly ironic attitudes and iron pyrite dookie jewels descended on a pinpointed location in Los Angeles for a few hours of filming. And it’s as though I willed it into existence.

The video for New Boyz “You’re A Jerk” is so chock full of heinous, it’s almost come full circle back to beautiful. Masterful. Genius. I’ve never seen blue and black checkered tightpants at such a ball-crunching caliber. Amazing.

This is an emotional moment for me. I need to take a minute. I’ll close in saying the beat’s still kind of hot, and the first dude who spits looks like the missing branch on the family tree between Jameer Nelson and Tristan Wilds. Now pardon me while I step outside and collect myself…

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