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08.02.13 4 years ago 22 Comments

Mileena Hayes


With Moto X, Google Enters A Crowded Marketplace [NYT]

Michael Vick Forgives Riley Cooper, The Internet Does Not [Urban Daily]

Tattooed By Sade [Gwarizm]

Tumblr Won’t Let Drake Be Great [C+D]

Dapper Gentleman: Upgrade Your Look [Jack Threads]

Getting Off? There’s An App For That (NSFW) [Peeperz]

Run DMC: ‘Hip-Hop at the Time Was Just Considered Ghetto Music’ [FACT]

ABC’s Shark Tank Wants Black Businesses [Black Enterprise]

Forsaken Detroit Homes For Sale For As Little As $1 [NY Daily News]

Starlito’s ‘Grinding Even Harder’ Playlist [House Of Trill]

Fashionably Late: H&M Finally Launches U.S. E-Commerce Site [Forbes]

Why Some People Get Paranoid on Weed and Others Don’t [Hail Mary Jane]

10 Rappers That Forgot To Pay Their Taxes [Giant]

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