New Green Hornet Clip, Featurette, and Pictures

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Dreamworks face!

We’ve found enough new Green Hornet stuff to choke a hornet (it’s a very large hornet).  First, there’s a new clip where Cameron Diaz (why is she in this?) beats up the Green Hornet and Kato, which seems like a really bad clip to promote this film with considering Kato is supposed to be a badass.  I’d type something about how Kato isn’t supposed to get beat down by [insert character name here], except I can’t remember the name of a single character she’s played.  Also after the jump is a featurette, some new production stills, and two new posters.  Mary!  She played a character named Mary.  The thing with the hair sticking up, right?

Anyway, all that is inside, and we’re not even getting paid to talk about the movie so much.  But if we keep up with this, maybe they’ll give us coupons for some free hand-breaded chicken tenders from Carl’s Jr.  That would be cool, although we’d much rather have our chicken tenders breaded by robots.

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