New Instagram Direct Feature To Allow Creeps To DM Pics And Video

12.12.13 4 years ago 16 Comments


Have you updated your Instagram app lately? You should probably do so ASAP since the fine folks at IG pushed out an update on Thursday with a new, exciting feature that’s going to add Instagram as one of the reasons for divorce filings.

The feature’s called Instagram Direct, and it’s there to compete with Twitter’s updated DM service. You can basically send messages to people that you follow, no follow back required. There’s a response system, so you can see if the recipient actually looked at the message and they can’t bullshit you with a “oh, nah I didn’t even get that one” answer. Also, better than Twitter, you can send video and images along within messages.

I’ll go on record now and say that Kyra Chaos and Marlene Mendez are going to be getting a lot of attention from me.

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