Motorola’s New Droid MAXX Boasts 48 Hours Of Battery Life

07.24.13 4 years ago 7 Comments

Motorola Droid MAXX

Google bought Motorola a few years ago, making Moto the little brother of Google’s flagship line Nexus. With that arrangement, Google can take risks in design and features with the Motorola phones and port them over if they find success. Yesterday, the new Motorola Droid line was unveiled and their new extended battery life was all the rage.

The MAXX variant from 2012 had an impressive 32 hour battery, and that was with constant use. The new model, though, is flossing a 48 hour battery, making it the longest lasting smartphone battery to date. The extra juice will come in handy considering the phone totes a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB internal memory, and a noticeably improved 10-megapixel camera. The body is wrapped in DuPont Kevlar, making this one sexy device.

If the $300 for that MAXX is out of your rage, you can cop the second in line Droid Ultra model (featured in the video below). As the name indicates, it’s super light and only $200, 16GB internal, still impressive 28 hour battery, but all the other features remain the same, with the addition of a red Kevlar body for all you Piru alumni out there.

For now, the new Droids are only on Verizon and they will be on sale August 20 and available for pre-order now at

Motorola Droid MAXX group

motorola droids maxx - ultra

Photos: Gizmodo

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