360 – “Woulda Kid”

03.29.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

You haven’t seen much from 360 around these parts, but we’re impressed enough by dude’s new track “Woulda Kid” that the Queens MC is finally getting the pen treatment.

Flipping a Jadakiss vocal sample into a concept we can all relate to, this newcomer teamed with Shade 45’s DJ Wonder to create a dedication to those amongst us who love to talk the talk, but rarely walk the walk. You may know them as liars, connivers, or as they’re called in my neck of the woods, the next summer aggins. They love to harp on all the things they’ll be doing down the line – very enthusiastically I may add – but when the time comes to deliver the goods, all that’s there are more false promises. Unfortunately for 360, he must know a grip of guys like that, because this crawling cut is detailed enough to tell the words come from experience.

If he can keep our heads spinning with more reality raps like this, you can definitely expect to hear more music from 360’s upcoming Everywhere & Back project, which drops on April 3rd.

360 – “Woulda Kid” (Prod. by DJ Wonder)

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