50 Cent – “Old 2003 Ferrari”

02.03.11 7 years ago 14 Comments

I’ve said it before and have no problem saying it again. 50 Cent is one of the greatest personalities to ever find success at this Hip-Hop thing. His music may have lost a step or two over the years, but he’s always managed to remain relevant mainly by being himself (and other business ventures outside of the booth). Still, the main criticism against Curtis has always been his music became watered down and less entertaining than yesteryear’s. Hearing these remarks, Fif let go of his newest studio creation “Old 2003 Ferrari.” It boasts the same flow we became fans of nearly a decade ago with the same formula he has been employing for roughly the same amount of time – two verses and a gallon of slick talk towards the end. Pay attention closely, however, because he’s still taking shots at some of his old verbal sparring partners, i.e. Rick Ross and Nasir. I can’t lie to you though, that Kanye and Wiz line was kind of funny.


50 Cent – “Old 2003 Ferrari” (Prod. By Jay Marvlis)

To help aid you with your listen, Fif put together a collage of pictures which go along with the record. Who said Curtis wasn’t courteous?

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