Ace Hood Feat. Rick Ross – “Realist Livin'”

11.20.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

Even after Ace Hood put his Blood, Sweat & Tears into his last project, the hustle moves forth with the impending release of The Statement 2. In hopes to live up to such a gaudy title, the first release goes the defiant route with the Ricky Rozay featured “Realist Livin’.” What’s ironic is more than a decade ago, Tupac claimed the title of “realest n*gga alive” and it seems ever since a Hip Hop Royal Rumble has taken place to stake ownership to the coveted, yet vague claim. Some succeeded, some failed, yet that does not stop Ace and Ross from giving you something to ride to, ponder and debate (even if I did think it was “Tats On My Arm” upon first listen).

Khaled’s protege is still rhyming with intensity and even strings together a few hard hitting bars while The Fat Man turns it on cruise control centering around raspy boasts of lavish living, a flow that continues to evolve and trained assassins on speed dial. And as a man who has survived a cop controversy, a rival rapper parading his child’s mother around New York City, releasing a porno of the other and every joke known to man to become one of the most in demand artists of the current day, doesn’t Ricky deserve consideration for…you know what, never mind. I’m not eveeeen going to open that Pandora’s box.

Ace Hood Feat. Rick Ross – “Realest Livin'” (Prod. By The Renegades)

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