Asher Roth – “More Cowbell”

03.08.11 7 years ago 3 Comments


“My speech be like I mixed roofies with Kool Keith…”

Unlike most MCs who’ve had a legitimate hit and succumbed to the mainstream success that follows, Asher Roth has kept it Hip-Hop. Since sleeping on his big label debut, this rapper’s rapper has steadily showcased lyrical acrobatics over crackling drum tracks throughout both his Seared Foie Gras W/ Quince & Cranberry and Rawth EP releases, despite receiving relatively little praise in return. Unphased, this suburban mic terror takes his outward personality to the SNL-themed “More Cowbell,” which finds Ash attacking this Blended-Babies-produced organ-donor for over two minutes with nothing but witty and strategically-placed bars. Per usual.

We’ll see if Universal Motown lets this kid’s genre-appreciative approach stick when it comes time to drop his second retail release, The Spaghetti Tree this summer.


Asher Roth – “More Cowbell” (Prod. By Blended Babies)

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