AZ – “My N*ggas”

03.26.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Anyone that grew up on 90’s hip-hop is undoubtedly rooting for a comeback from AZ. As the right-hand man to Nas during his prime, the Brooklyn MC earned his stripes by showing out on classic albums and turning that momentum into a relatively profitable career. However, the alliance with God’s Son was also a double-edged sword, as the Sidney Poitier to Nas’ Cosby never really saw the success he could’ve, had he not been type-cast as an associated act.

Well, even though it’s been 17 years since he dropped his Doe Or Die LP, AZ is still trying to shine solo. After years of promotion and subsequent let-downs, the long-awaiting and highly-anticipated sequel to the former Firm member’s solo debut seems closer than ever, as we have the first official street single, called “My N*ggas.” Carrying a somewhat cover-all theme that allows the A.W.O.L. rhymer to flex his verbal weaponry, the song succeeds by being both nostalgic in sound and contemporary in topic, which can be partially credited to producer Buckwild – who also produced “Ho Happy Jackie” for the original album, back in 1995.

We’re not quite if this freshly squeezed cut can warrant radio spins outside of NY, but we definitely know those purveyors of the old school will rest easy knowing one of the most heralded underground acts ever might just drop another gem on ’em this summer.

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