Charles Hamilton – “Cats Said I Can’t Diss You (9th Is Cool Tho)”

09.27.11 6 years ago 38 Comments

Regardless of your backstory and no matter your name, there’s a certain line you don’t cross if you want to be taken seriously. Even though it seems Charles Hamilton’s been playing hopscotch over that line for some time now, his new, industry-assaulting slight “Cats Said I Can’t Diss You” might just have done Sonic in for good.

Produced by 9th Wonder (who apparently had no idea what was to come), the low-key beat behind this unnecessary diss track from Hamilton’s recently-released C.A.T.S. Can mixtape took a turn for the worst as soon as Pinky forgot to use his brain. For no reason other than blaming his inability to succeed on other people, this washed-up twenty-something impales all potential relationships in hip-hop, by gearing nothing but unfounded punchlines towards every MC in the limelight. To make matters worse, those lines are full of baking soda, as most of the negative sentiment speaks on false, homosexual fellatio. Shoot, even The Game would say this is in poor taste.

So, while Charles continues to act superior for no reason and tries to prove people wrong about his inability to throw jabs at anyone other than a girl, this audible pouting will probably drop his disapproval rating to unprecedented new lows.

Just in case you’re feeling frisky, Hamilton’s full mixtape is below for stream/download.

DownloadCharles Hamilton – “Cats Said I Can’t Diss You (9th Is Cool Tho)”

DownloadCharles Hamilton – C.A.T.S. Can Mixtape

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