Chase N. Cashe – “Money Right” x Ear Me Out (Beat Tape)

09.12.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

Artwork: HustleGRL

Chase N. Cashe continues to chef The Heir Up There and recently let go of the next look into the project, “Money Right.” Using the backdrop from Roc & Mayne, the Surf Club producer/MC laments the hustle we all find ourselves in regardless of occupation. Prior to clicking play, there was an expectation of “Money…” being an aggressive number. CNC switches things up allowing his self coined “self improving” flow, which has always been more laid back than anything else, to blend in with the tranquilizing instrumental. All in all, this is pretty damn smooth and something worth adding to the iPod.

Ride around the city on a full tank of gas on this and the accompanying free beat tape, Ear Me Out. Be sure show CNC some belated-birthday love today while you’re at it.

Chase N. Cashe – “Money Right” (Prod. By Roc & Mayne)

DownloadChase N. Cashe – Ear Me Out (Beat Tape)

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