Chuuwee Feat. Don Trip – “Crown Don’t Make You A King (Remix)”

04.10.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

Here’s the deal. Chuuwee’s been known to do this thing on the mic. Don Trip’s no slouch in the booth either. So putting them on the same track makes all the sense in the world, right? That’s exactly the case as Trip hops on the remix to Chu’s defiant number, “Crown Don’t Make You A King.” Setting the stage first, Chuuwee comes out the gate throwing haymakers with a verse packing more pent up aggression than Kris Humphries mentions on Twitter whenever Kim K makes news. With Trip’s verse, however, it’s clear where his intentions are. Rap beef, battles or any rhyming period hold absolutely no significance. He lays it down quite flat. F*ck a crown, he’s just trying to make money to feed his family.

Look for Chuuwee’s debut LP, Wild Style, to be released May 29 through Amalgam Digital.

Chuuwee Feat. Don Trip – “Crown Don’t Make You King (Remix)” (Prod. By Audible Doctor)

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