Slaughterhouse – “Monsters In My Head”

02.21.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

We’ve all got a few things buried deep inside, yet most of us don’t have an outlet to express them properly. Luckily for listeners, the Slaughterhouse crew has eerie piano-riddled beats like the one on “Monsters In My Head” to help us forget our own issues. An early preview of both Crooked I’s upcoming Psalm 82.6 EP and the group’s welcome to: OUR HOUSE album, this brooding track finds our four favorite lyrical murderers dumping their issues on wax, comparing their lives to everything from Jarrod Laughner’s Arizona shooting spree to Magic Johnson’s peter.

Their album sales weren’t that bad, were they?

Crooked I Feat. Slaughterhosue – “Monsters In My Head”

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