DJ Burn One Presents iNDEED – “Black Tears”

02.21.12 6 years ago

Rarely has DJ Burn One’s production steered us wrong and it’s no time to start now. The smooth, melodic undertones from “Black Tears” transport you to a place where time moves slowly and you find yourself unable to do anything outside of bobbing your head and soaking in the track (trust me, I tried to write this while listening and I just couldn’t get myself to type). The record is the product of the collaboration of Burn, Ricky Fontaine, Walt Live, and The Professor, otherwise collectively now known as iNDEED. Another interesting tidbit about this song is that sample use was kept to a minimum, with the majority of the sounds coming from live instrumentation, something that’s becoming more and more archaic in this digital age.

iNDEED – “Black Tears”

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