DJ Mensa Presents Hibernation

02.02.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

DJ Mensa:

“For better or for worse, this has been the winter everyone’s been waiting for. The one we were bound to get because we’ve been getting it too easy with global warming the past two years. The east coast’s been Pacquiao’ed with packed snow for two months straight. My city’s about to be tucked in another 30cm blanket of it tonight, and bumpers everywhere are going to be bruised over the next week. No fun for most.

Unless you have a reason to stay in. Which is where this mixtape come out to play.

Following up where Cabin Fever left off, Hibernation is an exploration in lo-fi: soft keys, warm bass, and all kinds of intimacy. Amazing remixes of R’n’B standards, left field covers of others and, of course, The-Dream. Far from a slow jam tape, but definitely a gateway to foreplay, or something.

Use your sick days up wisely.”


DJ Mensa Presents Hibernation

Listen and then grab the mix via Mensa’s official site.

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