The Many Facets Of David Blake

02.02.11 7 years ago 13 Comments

Unlike a lot of rappers, DJ Quik’s music has always mimicked his mood. For instance, if Rick Rozay or Birdman started going through some personal issues, their persona would remain intact and so would their sound. In the case of Quik, however, his open-book-approach has always sent ripples through his entire catalog. From Safe + Sound to Rhythmalism and Balance and Options to Under The Influence, the progressions in his lifestyle have not only been showcased via his breathless, yet seemingly-spoken flow, but in the evolution of his production.

This CPT product went from putting 40z in the freezer to drinking Chivas Regal in the back of limos, which allowed him to expand his range of beats to anything from futuristic-collar-poppin-crunk-funk to contemporary jazz ensemble pieces. While these attitude adjustments turned him into one of the most well-rounded producers of the past 20 years, they also led to a few misses along the way.

Despite his Blaqkout with Kurupt receiving decent press, the album was a letdown to those who witnessed Quik’s refined skill-set slip for second. When news of a solo follow-up entitled The Book Of David arose, retribution from the more matured and refined artist we were accustomed to seemed imminent. Now, almost a year after rocking a SXSW stage and displaying stand-out cuts from this would-be comeback LP, we finally get the first official single, “Luv Of My Life.” Full of the pristine personality, honest insight and casual bounce we’ve come to expect from the middle-aged player, this open invitation to honest women worldwide proves that all it takes is a lil’ love to bring the best out of someone as talented as David Blake.

If this is still the search, I can’t imagine what we’ll get when he finds her.


DJ Quik Feat. Gift Reynolds – “Luv Of My Life”

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