Eminem Feat. Slaughterhouse & YelaWolf – “2.0 Boys”

03.02.11 7 years ago 33 Comments

Disregard everything on the Slaughterhouse EP. That was just some filler cuts to get out of their E1 contract. With their Shady deal in full bloom now, everyone’s back on their A-game.In June, we saw the Slaughterhouse x Eminem collaboration on Recovery and, just as expected, Marshall fit right alongside the group without issues and the chemistry continues on “2.0 Boys.”

Which would leave Yelawolf as the curveball here, the question raised if he can also match the rest of the emcees intensity and lyricism, while still maintaining his own unorthodox identity and delivery.

The short answer is that he can. And I will never doubt his abilities again.


Eminem Feat. Slaughterhouse & YelaWolf – “2.0 Boys” (Will Power, K.P. and Eminem)

Cred: RR

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