Fly.Union Feat. Dom Kennedy – “Friends.Women.Money”

04.21.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

“I can count my friends on one hand/To count these women I need mo’ hands…”

And not necessarily in that order. We’re inside of a week from the liberation of Fly Union’s new project The Greater Than Club. To continue to season the anticipation for the release, the Midwest bunch let go of their Dom Kennedy assisted melody, “Friends.Women.Money.” The group wax poetics about the simple desires in life from true friends, a Santa Claus napsack full of women and innate need to have a consistent income. Sounds accurate to most male life plans, right? Clocking in at an eyelash under three and a half minutes, the entire listen is a playful, yet one on par with the relaxing tone of so many songs already attached to their resume.

To be exact, TGTC drops next Tuesday (April 26). Membership is open to everyone who enjoys good music.

Fly Union Feat. Dom Kennedy – “Friends.Women.Money”

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