hasHBrown – “Heaven” Video x Break Something LP

12.08.11 6 years ago

Making it in the music business might be one of the hardest things to do, period. Way beyond just churning out quality tunes, the amount of variables factoring into the situation can back even the most talented artists into a corner of no return. You may think you have a marketable song or project, but do you have the necessities to make people care? That budget you scraped together was strong enough to get your album mixed and mastered, but what about the promo? Your track had some blog love, but where’s the Blu-Ray-quality music video to go along with it? What connects do you have? Who’s featured on the album? Are you going to do any remixes? When’s the coinciding tour start? Is that really the style you want to be seen wearing? Do you think the kids will understand what you mean?


At a certain point, after being berated by the pestering questions of others, you simply want to block everyone out and Break Something.

And,on this fresh release from Houston’s hasHBrown, that shattering attitude is on full display. That’s right, this half-rapper, half-producer and all-around hard-worker has been in the game long enough to know that no matter what anyone assumes or expects from his music, heavy-hitting Hip-Hop and honest lyrics are what he’ll be delivering, regardless. Shoot, seeing as this career highlight for Hash has been cooking for almost two years at this point, the only expectation on his mind was crafting the best project he possibly could. Because, despite all the hoops you have to jump through to catch a break in this industry, the bottom line will always be having solid tunes as your foundation. And, no matter how many of the other variables hasH had trouble tying down along the way, if any, that footing is something to stand tall on in itself.

If you also need to release some steam, download hasHBrown’s Break Something LP below. Or, you can really support the grind and head over to iTunes or Bandcamp and give the man some start-up money.

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