Homeboy Sandman – “I Knew (Late Night)”

04.06.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

Homeboy Sandman joined Twitter in order to send a single tweet. His account is now deleted, a testament to his ability to resist Lays-style “you can’t tweet just once” temptation. But its purpose was fulfilled. “I Knew” was delivered into the “@” responses of Roots drummer ?uestlove, where it sits to this moment, gleaming in all it’s electronic glory. You see, Boy Sand would love to be one of the musical guests on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where The Roots hold court every weekday night, and “I Knew” is his 2011-version of an audition. Borrowing “Food Stamps” from 24 Carat Black, the Queens representative delivers a taste of his skill with the pen, as well as a few heartfelt shouts to friends and family. It’s infectious, upbeat and an extremely enjoyable listen.

And if his plan to get on late night TV doesn’t succeed? Don’t worry, he’s got that possibility covered. As the man says, “the son is something eventually the planet’s got to orbit.”


Homeboy Sandman – “I Knew (Late Night)”

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