Hoodie Allen – “No Faith In Brooklyn” Video

04.10.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

After a brief hiatus from new music last winter, Hoodie Allen returned a few weeks back with quite possibly his best song to date in “No Interruption,” proving that quality over quantity is indeed the right route. Keeping that momentum going full bore for his All-American EP, Hoodie has released the video for his second single entitled, “No Faith In Brooklyn.”

A little more serious than his last release, this idealistic inclusion speaks on the intricacies of trying to maintain a long-distance relationship, when one of the partners is out touring the country and the other is left behind in the routine. This predicament is brought to life by director Charles Alan Whitcher’s personable cinematography, which is so charming it’ll leave most viewers hoping for the couple’s reunion by song’s end, despite the song itself seeming to stretch specifically for Hoodie’s female followers.

But, no matter if rap songs about love are your thing or not, Hoodie Allen’s artistry is versatile enough to almost guarantee his All-American project has a little something for everyone. However, if you want verify that before copping his first original offering on iTunes, steam the 8-track release below and make the educated decision for yourself.

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