Joe Budden – “Ordinary Love Sh*t (Pt. 2)”

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Artistically speaking, professional progression often times comes at the expense of personal regression. Joe Budden continues his swan dive into the deepest secrets of his love life with the continuation of what has the makings of an incredibly personal series inspired by Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” and Droop-E’s “Cherish The Bay.” While crafting a story detailing Joey’s interactions with his significant others would be noteworthy, nothing takes the place of Mouse’s account.

But you keep saying “show me more”
You’d appreciate me better had you known me before
Cause check, you never been cheated on
Had another chick in your house, in your bed, yep you ain’t see the worst time
Hit you with that old move
Take you to a flick that I already seen with another broad
But pretend like it’s my friend time
Nah, you don’t know how that sound
On the phone with you while she quiet in the background
Bunch of shit that I ain’t in a hurry to do
So before you beef, know that he got buried for you
I don’t tell you that for points, nah you can keep the brownie
I tell you that so you know I was mature when you found me
I tell you that so that lil’ boy shit that I get annoyed with
You should keep it coy with
Cause all that is stress for me
I’m not your ex babygirl, you not a catch for me
I mean respectfully, certain shit I’m not a glutton for
For every bad bitch there’s a nigga tired of fuckin’ her…

That last line is more trill than a lot of people will ever care to admit and something old heads have been telling me for years. Just let it marinate for a second. As a suggestion for future installments though, Joe may as well add Eminem to the fray. I’m sure they’ve swapped numbers by now and if anyone can relate to women problems, Marshall Mathers is your man.


Joe Budden – “Ordinary Love Sh*t (Pt. 2)”

Respect: Joe Budden himself

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