Joe Cool – “Do It To Me”

11.20.11 6 years ago

You better stay based, or you’ll get turkey-based.” It’s a damn shame snow was coming down last night, in my neck of the woods. Because, if it weren’t so biting outside, I might put Joe Cool’s “Do It To Me” on an iPod playlist and let the acoustic guitar licks compliment a nice glass of lemonade on my back patio. Relaxing as a hammock in Honolulu, the latest leak from Cooley Hi carries the calm of a day-off in the middle of July, but still finds it’s heart through a dedication to all the pretty women who appease the Louisiana MC’s high standards.

Instead of soaking up the sun, maybe I’ll just park myself in front of the space-heater in the living room and play pretend. Oh, wait, I’m already doing that.

Joe Cool – “Do It To Me” (Prod. By Joe Cool)

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