Jon Connor – “The Way I Am”

03.29.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

As much as I enjoy hearing Jon Connor’s soul unraveling on “The Way I Am,” off his upcoming Eminem-inspired project The People’s Rapper, part of me wonders why the project is even going down in the first place.

Yes, his similar Jay-Z mixtape was solid and fared well with fans, but with so many talented producers out there vying for placements, why reuse the same ol’ superstar instrumentals that have been pillaged for years? Maybe my aging bias underestimates the unfamiliarity of youngsters with 12-year-old tracks from Slim Shady’s catalouge, or even Jigga’s, but it just seems like stenciling your own words over other people’s concepts is too easy. Then again, the Blue City Club ringleader has also released both of the aforementioned projects in around a month, so more than likely he’s just found a creative way to both supply the demand and pay homage to his heroes.

Whatever the case, Connor definitely brings the energy on possibly the best beat/song combo Eminem ever produced, which is no easy task. If the high-level of poetic flattery remains this consistent throughout the entire project it drops on April 14, Jon’s birthday, maybe we’ll stop asking questions.

Jon Connor – “The Way I Am”

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