Kendrick Lamar Feat. Dr. Dre – “The Recipe”

04.02.12 5 years ago 44 Comments

Anyone who expected Kendrick’s new record with Dr. Dre to sound like the typical Westcoast anthem is going to be caught off guard as soon as they hear “The Recipe.” Completely free of the synths, reverberating claps and the overall huge sound of most Dre-affiliated jump-offs, the lead single to K-Dot’s Good Kid In A Mad City LP is more of a relaxed summer anthem. The basis of the Scoop DeVille-produced beat is a warming vocal sample and bouncing drums, which compliment the welcoming theme these two Golden State trendsetters apply towards listeners, who may be unfamiliar with the Doc’s new Top Dawg and have potentially forgotten how Cali gets down.

However, whether an atypical concoction such as this can carry steam beyond the Internet is something that only time will tell. What do you think, does “The Recipe” have the ingredients for mainstream success?

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