Da Rockwilder Returns With Bun B & A Pistol

06.19.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

What could possibly turn a Grammy-Award-winning producer like Rockwilder into a recluse? After working with the likes of Jay, Janet, Beyonce, Christina Aguilara, Red and Meth, this upper-echelon beatsmith has seemingly stopped submitting beats to the industry over the past four or five years, altogether. Could it be that his goals were achieved, the money was made and the fire just doesn’t burn as bright anymore?

Whatever the case may be, Denver MC Kevin Pistol has somehow done the impossible and hooked up with Da Rockwilder for his confidence creator, “Show It On Ya Face.” More than likely you’re probably wondering why Redman’s homie from Hollis might have picked such an odd track to make a comeback on. Well, I couldn’t tell you. But, luckily for Kevin Pistol, he did. While the bars are relatively average, Rock’s icy-hot instrumental eases the pain caused by the horrible mix on Bun B’s verse and the poorly-played Big Mac simile (they do not come with bacon).

There are about 50 other rappers I would’ve rather heard rock this beat, but the fact Rockwilder’s back at it, in general, is good enough for now.

Kevin Pistol Feat. Bun B & Young JR – “Show It On Ya Face” (Prod. By Rockwilder)

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