Lil Boosie Feat. Game – “187”

01.31.11 7 years ago 13 Comments

187, 187, 211 drive by/ Six dead, but only three went to heaven…

This is the type of record the law will use in their case against Lil Boosie. “187” showcases Jayceon Taylor riding along shotgun for this track dedicated to pistol play and body bags. It’s always weird to hear numbers of this ilk from Bad Azz considering his situation. For us, we gain enjoyment. It’s a lot different, however, when you’re running through cigs like they’re going out of style behind prison walls because the state of Louisiana believes that is who you really are.

“187” is ultimately music; although I would not have been opposed to a different hook. It’s also entertainment. Yet, more importantly, it is a reflection of the environment which cultivated him. Victims of society are not uncommon. In fact, they’re present in almost every community. Guilty or innocent, I think it would be fair to label Lil Boosie as one.

Lil Boosie Feat. Game – “187”

Respect: DGB

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