Mookie Jones & Cardo Feat. Max Julien – “Poetry Vision”

07.12.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

People get pimped all the time. While the term is represented as an overblown business relationship between a pimp and his hoe, the truth of the matter is each and every one of us has been pimped in our lives, by anyone from the American government to our cable company. However, while most rappers choose to represent the mink-coat version of the term, Mookie Jones reminds you pimpin’ is on a whole other level in his Cardo-produced song, “Poetry Vision.”

Breaking down how people play themselves by not properly prioritizing and giving false hope to uninspired dreams, the baby-butt-smooth Houston MC explains his own game-plan and unveils a blueprint to keep his waviness in tact. Considering his upcoming Mack mixtape is produced completely by Cardo & DJ Burn One and features Smoke DZA, L.e.$., Big Sant & SL Jones, we’re pretty sure he knows what he’s talking about.

Mookie Jones & Cardo Feat. Max Julien – “Poetry Vision” (Prod. by Cardo)

Props: GFCNY

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