The Notorious B.I.G. – “Going Back To Cali” (Viceroy Jet Life Remix)

01.27.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

There are undoubtedly many of you who agree, certain songs just shouldn’t be remixed. The original already holds enough weight on it’s own right, that anything above and beyond would just be superfluous. Well, thank God my intuition saw past those boundaries and allowed me to hear out Viceroy’s jet life remix to B.I.G.’s Left Coast finger-poker, “Going Back To Cali.”

Despite the OG being one of my personal favorite songs from Voletta’s son, largely because of the Zapp-influenced bounce and overall awesomeness of Easy Mo Bee’s beat, the happy-go-lucky re-imagination we have here from this budding San Francisco producer makes the prior version seem outright menacing.

Filled to the brim with flutes flowing like trees from the summer breeze and enough steel drum strikes to bring in the tide, this frown-killer sounds like it could’ve been made by the same dude who brought us “The Electric Slide.” But, seeing as this pool-party-loving funkster happens to have the plus-sized legend contrasting his warranted cheesiness, the track is allowed to soar into a realm of it’s own.

I’ll take the window seat, please.

Spotted: The Chuckness.

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