R. Kelly – “Fallin’ Hearts”

01.19.11 7 years ago 11 Comments

Going in with an open mind is the key to enjoying Robert Kelly’s music. Otherwise, there’s a very good chance you’ll flat out skip listening to this undeniably talented and unquestionably odd singer/songwriter altogether. Pesky past aside, his almost-A.D.D. approach at jumping sub-genres of R&B and public-relations-restricted promo campaigns always manage to leave me weary of whether or not my time is worthy of a listen.

Yet, after almost buying his latest album, Love Letter, the other day and after hearing how well-received it was (I didn’t want to get super-taxed by the local party store mixtape DJ), I figured this bonus track would at least be worth a few minutes. Wasting no time with the call & response synthetic organs and bassline, “Fallin’ Hearts” is a building steppers outline that showcases the shade of R. Kelly I enjoy. No matter if I’m slow-dancing with my lady or cruising around with the windows down, shame is nowhere to found when listening to this very original, unoriginal love song.

Now, don’t hesitate, go ahead and enjoy.


R. Kelly – “Fallin’ Hearts”

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