Saigon Feat. Joe Budden – “Bring Me Down Pt. 3”

02.14.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

Jay and Nas left the past in the past. Shaq and Kobe eventually won co-ownership of the NBA All-Star. The saying “bros before…” You know what, nevermind, I’ll stop before we’re accused of being misogynistic and supporters of child endangerment. Saigon and Joe Budden once had a nasty war of the words a few years back stemming from reasons I cannot truly recall at this moment. I just knew Tahiry’s name was thrown around a lot, but fast forward 24 months (give or take a few) and a handful of Joe Budden girlfriends later, we finally have the union of two said MC’s on wax.

It doesn’t disappoint either.

Given the track record of Sai and Mouse, lyrics were obviously at a premium. At this point in Hip-Hop’s maturation, going back and forth with diss records is a waste of hard drive space, air and studio time. It is always a great thing when we can celebrate two artists coming together instead of WorldStarHipHop diss videos towards each other. We all win in the end.

Feel free to pre-order the album on iTunes or Amazon. We actually encourage doing so.


Saigon Feat. Joe Budden – “Bring Me Down Pt. 3”

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