Scotty – “Million Bucks”

12.01.11 6 years ago

“I feel like a million bucks today, not that I got it/But my hobby is starting to show proof it make profit…”

Mannnn, talk to ’em! Before you even start reading this, just know Scotty’s “Million Bucks” has already been added to my weekend rotation. Found on the forthcoming DJ Break ‘Em Off and John Qwest project, The Art Of Rhyme, the emerging ATLien takes a moment to look back at the past year and pat himself on the back. And not in a cocky way either. Life is on the up and up and Scotty’s more motivated now than when he was when this music thing first began taking flight for him. Equally as important as the lyrics, the production proves to be nothing short of immaculate with background assistance from Ricky Fontaine, Walt Live and Cornbread.

On the low though, Scotty has had a pretty good run in 2011, too. Summer Dreams was an underrated project and there’s been nothing but quality work released since then, including this here. There may not be a million bucks in his bank account just yet, but there’s never been a thing wrong with putting positive vibes in the air.

Scotty – “Million Bucks” (Prod. By John Qwest)

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