Shawn Crystopher – “Till The End Of Tonight”

04.11.12 6 years ago

When you can’t be 100 with others, how can you be 100 with yourself? This was the realization Shawn Chrystopher came to recently while looking at himself in the mirror and the subsequent studio session spurred one of the most impressive songs we’ve heard to date from the evolving Inglewood MC.

Backed by producer PM’s reversed samples, “Till The End Of Tonight” finds the self-proclaimed Honour Roll student graduating before our ears here, admittedly claiming he’s lied to create an upper-echelon image, when realistically that person hasn’t fully blossomed yet. It’s a unique song in the fact that so many rappers could probably say the exact same things, but don’t, because they refuse to give up the facade and are afraid to lose credibility. However, the irony is that exposing himself here – even if only for one night, as he says – gives Shawn an edge over everyone else still faking the front.

Hopefully Shawn Chrys holds on to that inner-realization, because unfiltered tracks like this will help him achieve the things he’s aiming for much quicker than claiming them already.

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