Sir Michael Rocks – “Exing” (O.G. Version)

04.25.11 6 years ago

Everyone has that one ex they wish things would have panned out differently with. It’s life. What makes the situation even worse is seeing (or hearing) about that person with someone else. Talk about a wave of emotions. Last month, Sir Michael Rocks dropped his The Rocks Report mixtape with one of the records being the infidelity sparking, “Exing.” The Cool Kid irons out poetics about the alluring off limits of creeping with a young lady who steps out on her man to spend time with him on what is being touted as “the O.G. version.” The story is a familiar one seeing as how I’m sure all of us know someone who has been in the situation or playing one of those roles at this very moment. Hell, you may even be that guy or that girl.

I’m not judging you though. Everything comes full circle. Just remember, the next time you’re out and about with a person you’re not supposed to be out and about with, Joey Greco is somewhere lurking. The last thing you need is some weird guy in glasses jumping out the back of a van with your jilted significant other and an entire camera crew.

Sir Michael Rocks – “Exing” (O.G. Version)

Respect: FSD

Bonus: Mike Rocks keeps the smooth, opposite sex vibes flowing with the premiere his Phil Adé assisted collaboration from TRR, “Over And Over.” Indulge yourself.

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