Skewby – Humble Pie EP

05.08.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

Skewby’s latest EP is six songs of him simply doing what he knows best. No theme. No gimmicks. Just the Memphis MC sticking to the unfiltered humanity that embodies everything from his demeanor to the words penciled in his rhyme book. So, calling it Humble Pie was only fitting. However, for as unassuming as a slice of that desert may be, the flavor is through the roof per usual.

His first official project since late 2010’s album-sounding mixtape, More Or Less, this well-packaged Pie takes listeners into the mind of someone who – if he squints and leans in – can see greatness ahead, but can’t quite grasp just how far away it is. However, seeing as the hard work it’s taken to get there is just second nature, Skewby sticks to his bread & butter and continues narrating the trials and tribulations of both himself and those around him to maintain perspective. Slow-burning tracks like “Ups & Downs” and “Almost There” are staunch reminders that nothing comes easy, while the cool lack of urgency shown on “Chillin” finds the up & comer content, knowing change gon’ come, for better or worse. However, it’s on the EP’s closer “Understand” where the apprehensive MC details all the specifics that encourage him to move forward at a faster pace than ever, knowing some things change quicker than others and if he doesn’t keep up, his diligence could quickly become a thing of the past.

And, while a grind is a terrible thing to waste, forgoing God-given talent like Skewby has would be much worse.

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