“There’s Only 10 Songs On The Radio…”

01.05.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

“…But not one you can relate to.”

Certain songs you can count on from jump-street. The tempo isn’t timid. The vibe is right. Replay value is inevitable. However, typically those same songs are meant to be catchy, written by the artists strictly for the listeners’ approval and to further their own notoriety. Which – in it’s own right – is completely commendable. In the case of Skewby’s “Sing A Song” – in my eyes, the most appealing joint of this Memphis MC’s December-released debut LP, More Or Less – the creative & conscious poet steers this formula for a hit into a direction most artists wouldn’t dare.

Almost with arrogance, this vocal variable couples his playful, schoolyard-style hook and picturesque, piano-based-landscape with chest-pressing phrases. “Forgot more than I remember/ I just know that I didn’t have family dinners/ I just know that we used the word aggin/ Didn’t call on my brother, wasn’t born wit’ him.” It’s almost as if Skewb knew the song format would draw enough attention alone, that he could get away with spilling his soul, instead of some drink for a sanctioned single.

Those firm mental morals as a Hip-Hop artist may be Skewby’s own double-edged impaling when it comes make or break time in this industry, but they’re also why we’re fans in the first place.


Skewby – “Sing A Song”

DownloadSkewby – More Or Less

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