Sleepy Brown – “You’re My Lady”

05.24.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

There’s good news and bad news with Sleepy Brown’s new audio nugget, “You’re My Lady.” Want the bad news first? No, this is not a cover of the classic D’Angelo record. Either way, a treat was in order, but my subconscious kept praying Sleepy would add his syrupy Dungeon Family drawl to the 1995 classic.

The good news, though? It’s still a dope record.

Brother Brown’s upcoming album Sex, Drugs & Soul is currently in production and if this any indication of what the outcome will be, color me interested. Forget the pop charts, nevermind whatever’s “in” at the moment and damn every countdown on cable television, Sleepy goes for self and places his fervid tone on full display here. Grab your lady friend by the waist, thrown this on and two step the night away.

Sleepy Brown – “You’re My Lady”

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