Starlito & Don Trip – “Karate In The Garage”

07.14.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

“I don’t think anyone really wants to see us/I’m in the cut, rollin’ up, I’m on my Wiz Khalifa/Let him tell it, I don’t need blunts/Oh well, more for me cuz/If Trip Dale, you can call me Brennan and find me in the trees bruh…”

Starlito and Don Trip are set to release their collaborative mixtape, Step Brothers, on July 25. That’s great. The cover is simple, but admittedly quite comical. That’s great, too. But to have the first leak be a seven minute run through a who’s-who of instrumentals? Now that’s how you get things started. The brothers bonded by lyrics tear apart instrumentals – such as Flocka’s “Hard In The Paint,” Hov and ‘Ye’s “H.A.M.” and Weezy’s “Bill Gates” – and not once was I bored. This prayerfully bodes well for the chemistry throughout the tape. It may not be Kanye and Jay or Gucci and Waka in terms of mainstream co-projects, but I’m telling you now, don’t be surprised if some high quality music resonates from this release.

The only real question remains if they’ll make their own version of “Boats & Hoes.”

Starlito & Don Trip – “Karate In The Garage”

Respect: DGB

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