T-Pain Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen – “5 O’Clock”

09.09.11 6 years ago 14 Comments

You ever ponder how differently T-Pain’s career would’ve panned out had Jay not recorded “D.O.A.”? It’s like the bottom dropped out and Pain’s been struggling to keep his head above water ever since. The new album RevolveR is somewhere stuck between a release date and exile, but a new record with Wiz Khalifa and an appropriate Lily Allen sample have things looking up momentarily. Believed to be the next single, the lighthearted and chill vibe about the art of the late night booty call plays right up T-Pain’s playful catalog. Plus, the video’s allegedly already been shot in Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District.

With cooler weather quickly approaching, and people looking for body warmth during the frigid months of November to February, this could become an anthem of sorts. Had this been 2007 or 2008, there’s no question about the potential for said record. But since it’s not, we’re probably looking at this falling on stereotyped ears who wrote him off awhile ago. Damn shame, too. For what it’s worth, Wiz does manage to harmonize one mean note in his verse though. That was pretty entertaining.

T-Pain Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen – “5 O’Clock”

Respect: 2DB

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