Three Six Mafia, Young Buck, 8 Ball & MJG vs Dazz Band – “Let It Stay Fly” (Skratch Bastid Blend)

04.24.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

Considering how much new music graces these ears on the daily, it’s ironic a blend of two songs I’ve heard hundreds of times is the best track to come my way in a hot minute. However, with Skratch Bastid behind the boards, it shouldn’t really surprise me too much. For the latest Bastidization from Nova Scotia’s DJ-extraordinaire, we got a spot-on mix of Triple Six’s “Stay Fly” and Dazz Band’s “Let It Whip,” which are two completely different classic records that somehow mix together like cake and ice cream, with potential to make any party that much better.

Whether you’re 40 years old, a cool 20, or anywhere in between, “Let It Stay Fly” is not only something you can jam out to pretty much anywhere, but possibly even a consideration for your wedding; which why Skratch tagged it as such on Soundcloud. Now, that’s fresh.

For more bangers from the Bastid, check out his upcoming Skratch Of All Trades tour and this interesting clip below of him building his Video DJ set.

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