Trouble – “Where I’m From (Edgewood)”

12.06.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

Lawwdddd, that boy Trouble got a hold of Jay-Z’s timeless “Where I’m From” and more than did it justice.

“I’m from a hood where niggas don’t go to church unless it’s a funeral
Hopin’ God forgive us for our sins, it’s gon’ be another funeral
Where you can’t put your pistol down just because the block hot
Cause the moment you put that bitch in the bushes nigga’ll run up on yo’ spot
I’m an inch away from going back to prison
A millimeter from a nine millimeter
Full of hollows, pride swallowed for me to feed my people
My brother’s keeper keep an automatic, let ’em all have it
Them niggas ain’t rockin’ The Mob? My habits is all savage
We call cops 12, or the youngin’s just scream 5-0
To this day you ask what it mean and they still say they don’t know…”

Trouble’s releasing new material (music and/or videos) every day until the 17th, but he’s going to be hard pressed to top what’s heard here. The Duct Tape loose cannon paints about as vivid a picture of the ghettos of Atlanta that’s been done in years. There’s no strip club anthem or no dance happy track here; instead, the picture of Edgewood paints itself as vivid, violent, unapologetic and replay worthy all wrapped inside of a neatly tucked mp3. This is the sh*t Alley Boy was talking about.

Trouble – “Where I’m From (Edgewood)”

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